1.  Marina Dune.  Oil on panel.

2.  Dairy Cows in Marin.  Oil on canvas panel.

3.  Bacino, Lenno.  Oil on canvas panel.

4.  Golden Gate Fog.  Oil on wood panel.

5.  Vicolo G. Delmati.  Oil on canvas panel.

6.  Tilden Hillside.  Oil on wood panel.

7.  Randy's Donuts.  Oil on wood panel.

8.  Bob's.  Oil on wood panel.

9.  Green Boat, Red Boat.  Oil on canvas panel.

10.  Kiddie Rides.  Oil on illustration board.

11.  Still Life Lemons.  Oil on canvas panel.



1.  Ferry Plaza Seafood, San Francisco.  Silver leaf, shellac, and acrylic on stretched canvas. 5’x14’ and 5’x11’. *Destroyed in the Union St. block fire, 3/17/18.

2.  AVEO restaurant.  St. Regis, Monarch Beach.  Silver leaf, shellac, and acrylic on stretched canvas. 6’x27’

3.  Parada, Walnut Creek.  Peruvian themed street art on faux plaster panels. Seven wood panels each 30" tall. Total length approximately 53'. 

4.  Parada, Walnut Creek.  Seven wood panels each 30" tall. Total length approximately 53'. 

5.  Tower Wall, A Winter's Tale.  California Shakespeare.  Painted lauan.

6.  Billboard for American Night.  California Shakespeare.  Painted lauan.

7.  Sand Dunes, Irma Vep.  California Shakespeare.  Painted muslin.

8.  Backdrops for Mr. Burns.  ACT.  Painted muslin.

9.  Roses groundcloth, Pygmalion.  California Shakespeare.  Painted canvas.

10.  Cloud backdrop, Travesties.  Williamstown TF.  Painted muslin.

11.  Hillside backdrop.  Shakespeare SC.  Painted muslin.

12.  Wedding Portrait, Threepenny Opera.  Williamstown TF.  Painted muslin.

13.  Landscape backdrop, Arcadia.  ACT.  Painted muslin.

14.  Napoli backdrop.  ACT.  Painted muslin.

15.  Red Drape, Irma Vep.  California Shakespeare.   Painted muslin.

16.  Backdrops, You Never Can Tell.  California Shakespeare.  Painted muslin.

17.  Ramp Backdrop, Bright Half Life.  ACT/Magic Theater.  Painted muslin.



1.  Set for Chance, HULU.

2.  Faux Oak desk surround, City Hall, SF.  When We Rise.  ABC.

3.  Clybourne Park.  ACT.

4.  Once in a Lifetime.  ACT.

5.  Arcadia. ACT.

6.  The Homecoming.  ACT.

7.  Restoration Comedy.  Stanford Department of Drama.

8.  Faux concrete graffiti columns.  Mr. Burns.  ACT.

9.  Distressed plaster walls and painted wood floor.  Cherry Orchard.  Stanford Department of Drama.

10.  Faux travertine floor.  Conservatory for ACT.

11.  Faux marble sections.  Pygmalion.  California Shakespeare.

12.  Distressed wood plank floor.  Playboy of the Western World.  Shakespeare SC.

13.  Faux black marble floor.  Elektra.  ACT.

14.  Verdigris wall treatment.  China's Terracotta Warriors Exhibit.  Asian Art Museum.

15.  Faux burl wood floor panel.  Restoration Comedy.  Stanford Department of Drama.



1.  Barca Rossa.  Lenno, Lake Como.  Gouache on paper.

2.  From the Terrace.  Gravedona, Lake Como.  Gouache on paper.

3.  Lenno.  Lake Como.  Gouache on paper.

4.  Tahoe Peak.  Lake Tahoe.  Gouache on paper.

5.  Gold Hill.  Los Angeles.  Gouache on paper.

6.  Purple Cliff.  Lake Tahoe.  Gouache on paper.

7.  Distant Mountains.  Yosemite.  Gouache on paper.

8.  Morning Hillside.  Los Angeles.  Gouache on paper.

9.  Medici Villa.  Rome.  Gouache on paper.

10.  Bridge.  Pasadena.  Gouache on paper.

11.  Head studies.  Acrylic on illustration board.